Find Your Balance

The British Nutrition Foundation has produced a series of leaflets to help people who want to eat a more healthy and balanced diet. Instead of weighing your food the portions are based on hand and spoon measures.

Heart Research UK has welcomed the guidelines on meal portion sizes from ‘Find Your Balance’.

Alexandra Preston, Head of Healthy Hearts at Heart Research UK said:

“It’s long been known that portion sizes are so important when it comes to eating healthily. We need to make sure that, as well as eating the right foods, we’re eating the right amounts.

“Practical, accessible guidelines that can be adopted and understood by everyone are really helpful. We welcome any initiatives that can help people make healthier decisions to improve their heart health and their overall lifestyles.

Find Your Balance has been produced by the British Nutrition Foundation.

It provides simple guidelines where you use hand and spoon measurements so that you get used to the idea of sensible portion sizes. The link to the webpage will give you free downloads. Here’s an example: find your balance_ booklet

“Our Find your balance guide to portion size aims to help you find the right balance for you – it’s not only about eating less, its also about eating differently!”

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