An Open Letter: Dear British Unionists in Scotland,

Alec RossAlthough predictable, there is nothing – nothing – more dispiriting than you greeting about the First Minister of the country and the Parliament that you pretend to represent about the cost of sending the leader of that parliament and that country to America to say something positive about us. Somebody has to, and God knows, you won’t. Your job is to talk us down at every opportunity. I understand this. Attending a Burns Supper in Downing Street isn’t fooling anybody, by the way.

Two things.

Firstly, talking us up ought to be a good thing, and your continuing belittling of the person who is, after all, the elected leader of your country is just a supercharged version of the Scottish Cringe, on stilts. Unless of course Scotland isn’t your country, and actually your country is Britain. Which of course it is. Which makes me ask again: what is the point of you? And why are you undermining your own parliament by voting against the Holyrood Continuity Bill? Why are you dismissing the Scottish Agricultural Bill and insisting we follow Michael Gove? Is this not a devolved area? Are we not a Parliament? Are we not a country? Is power devolved, power retained? If you believe so, then why are you here?

The second thing is this.

The leader of the country – Britain – that you actually identify with – has just spent the last several months grandstanding in Brussels and Belfast and elsewhere trying to re-negotiate things that have already been agreed and are not open to renegotiation. We’ll add the cost of this unicorn chasing to the £4bn of taxpayers money that has already been spent on preparing for the type of hardline, terrifying Brexit that wasn’t even spoken about in 2016.

I look forward to outrage similar to that afforded to a legitimate and timely ministerial visit to America from the media and from yourselves that is surely inevitable after this reckless and profligate squandering of taxpayers’ money.

Isn’t it time you stood up for Scotland, as you promised.

As one of your more likeable leaders once said: put up or shut up.

Yours, The people of Scotland.

PS – fair’s fair. We’ll tell you the price of the flights, hotel rooms and transfers. Just as soon as you tell us about the source of the dark money.


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  1. Brilliant Alec.
    It really is tiresome listening to these trolls carping
    on and in about anything whinge-worthy that drifts into their back to front telescope world view.

    • That’s exactly right. Tiring. Scunnersome. A total bawache, of you’ll excuse the agricultural language. It’s dreadful stuff. Unforgivable, how they make us look so small and petty to the world. “Scotland small? My multiform, infinite Scotland small?” Auld MacDiarmid would be birlin’ in his grave.

  2. VG Alec, but you said May has been dancing about for months, more like 30. Can she not get it into her thick skull that the EU meant it when they said, “You can’t have your cake and eat it.” When it comes to the ‘Back-Stop’ she seems to forget that it was her ‘red lines’ that brought it about in the first place and saying the EU and Ireland are being stubborn, don’t they get it Ireland does not believe or TRUST Wastemonster.

  3. First class comments, why, because they’re factual & true, no waffling, straight to the point. Simple & concise easy to read & fruitfully understandable from all angles

  4. Indeed. What is it costing to send Mrs. May back and forward, back and forward, back and forward? “Busy doing nothing.”

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