Orkney Men’s Shed Improving Access

By Nick Morrison

Tuesday saw much head scratching, but to be fair, actual real progress as well to fitting our new motorized workshop door. It is a complex piece of kit, its installation further complicated by having to get the mounting struts through the new insulation. (I kept well out of the way!)

We have now completely finished closing off the upper levels with this hatch into the storage area above the Social room and kitchen. It has made a further improvement to the comfort level in the workshop.

Mens Shed Feb 1

This will ease access for large items coming in and out. The current doors require sometimes 2 men to move them. We are still intending to open up the side garage door sized entrance for wheelchair access. This will be part of a wee extension which will include a welding area.

As well as an almost permanently hot kettle for cuppa’s the winter months see a mini cauldron of hot soup freely available.

Mens Shed Feb 2

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