Industrial Action Ahead By Offshore Workers

unite the unionOffshore workers in Unite the union have voted overwhelmingly for industrial action on the Elgin-Franklin, Shetland Gas Plant, North Alwyn and Dunbar platforms.

The platforms, operated by Aker and Petrofac, cover over two hundred workers.

Unite members on the Elgin-Franklin platform voted by 88.2% for industrial action; Shetland Gas Plant by 95.1%,and North Alwyn and Dunbar platforms by 93.9%.

The dispute centres on Aker and Petrofac proposing to change the shift rotation from 2:3 to a 3:3/3:4 rotation, and to reduce the existing terms and conditions at the behest of parent company Total.

Unite members have taken the step to retain the 2:3 rota or be compensated for moving to the new rota. Workers have also been frozen out of the existing competency scheme, which means that different rates will be paid for the same job.

John Boland, Unite regional industrial officer, said:

“Aker and Petrofac, at Total’s bidding, are trying to force our members’ rotas being changed from 2:3 to the hated 3:3 or 3:4.

“Shamefully, workers are also being frozen out of the existing competency scheme that rewarded members for being more skilled and was a route to progression.”

“During this dispute, Aker and Petrofac have tried to split our members by offering uplifts to some but not all. However, Unite members have resolutely resisted these shameful attempts.

“The resounding votes across all three platforms demonstrates clearly that our members not only want to stay on their existing rota, but if they have to change they want fair compensation, and to retain the existing competency scheme.”

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