World Social Work Day 2019 Events in Orkney

World Social Work Day 2019 4Today, Tuesday 19th of March is World Social Work Day. This year the theme is ‘Promoting the Importance of Human Relationships’.  Internationally the invaluable work being done by social workers in our communities will be celebrated.

 Dr Rory Truell,Secretary-General of the International Federation of Social Workers said:

“There was a famous moment in recent history when politician Margaret Thatcher ushered-in the current global period of conservatism and the dismantling of state services when announcing: “there’s no such thing as society, there are individual men and women”.

“Thatcher’s view continues to have devastating effects as it remains dominant over many aspects of world and national politics.

“This 2019 World Social Work Day theme directly addresses this false and brutality conservative dogma.

“From the social work experience all people are bound together by social relationships that determine the quality and security of life.

“Worldwide the social work profession will unify in promoting the importance of building policies and practices that recognize, cultivate and enrich our interdependent relationships – for peace, the realization of all people’s equal rights and a sustainable world.”

Orkney’s social work service will be celebrated at  World Social Work Day events in the St Magnus Centre, Kirkwall. The events are open to the public.

Tuesday 19th of March 

1100- 1115 – introduction by Sally Shaw Chief Officer of Orkney Health and Care

1115- 1145 – Jimmy Paul – CELSIS

1145 – 1230 – Iona Colvin – Chief Social Work Advisor to the Scottish Government

1230 – 1300 – Remote session with Falklands Social Work

1300 – 1400 – Networking lunch

Wednesday 20th of March

1300 – 1400 – Networking lunch

1400 – 1530 – Workshop

A: Health & Social Care Alliance, Carmen Paputa Dutu – “Discover Digital” digital solutions within health and social care to compliment human relationships and support new developments.

Thursday 21st of March

1100 – 1300- Workshop:

Remote and Rural working- interpersonal relationships and issues for social workers and MHOs- Gillian Ritch and Anne Mathison

1300 – 1400 – Networking lunch

The link up with the Falkland Islands will provide an opportunity to hear of social work provision within the island and explore common themes in the delivery of social work services in remote and rural locations


The four speakers include Sally Shaw who is Chief Officer of Orkney Health and Care and will speak about the challenges and opportunities of relationships in remote and rural communities.

World Social Work Day 2019 1

The other three speakers are Jimmy Paul, Fiona Duncan and Iona Colvin

Jimmy Paul is Co-Chair of the Independent Care Review. His speech ‘How relationships can shape future’ will share some of his journey and personal experiences. In his other roles, he works at the Centre for Excellence for Looked After Children in Scotland (CELCIS), and involved in a number of leadership programmes working across Scotland to deliver change and ensure impact.

Fiona is currently Chair of the Independent Care Review which was commissioned by the Scottish Government.  Fiona brings significant professional experience and expertise, passion and determination to make change happen for children and young people, and personal experience and insight of the care system.  Fiona is also the CEO of the Corra Foundation and has over 20 years’ experience in the voluntary sector.

Iona Colvin will speak on ‘The Role of professional Social Work in influencing the integration agenda’. Iona was appointed as the Chief Social Work Adviser to the Scottish Government in April 2017. Iona’s role includes advising minsters and policy teams with an interest in, or responsibility for, aspects of social work services and practice. Iona also works with policy teams leading on major programmes including integration of health and social care, adult social care, implementation of self-directed support, Getting it Right for Every Child and community justice reform.

World Social Work Day 2019 2

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