“Demonstration for Democracy”:Kirkwall Orkney, 31 August 2019

There was only one word to describe the weather in Kirkwall Orkney yesterday and that word is minging; it did not however put people off from turning out to protest in great numbers; the decision of PM Boris Johnson to prorogue Parliament from as early as September 9th until October 14th; the day on which the Queen’s speech shall take place.

Orkney Resists 9

At it’s height their were almost 100 people in attendance at yesterday’s protest, which for an Orkney demonstration was a fantastic turnout;  it perhaps goes to show the strength of feeling this decision has provoked.

Young or old, elected representatives or not, the people in Orkney chanted loudly their feelings, calling for democracy to be respected.

The protest which had been organised by the local group Orkney Resists featured speeches by Robert Leslie Orkney SNP, Chris Giles Orkney Greens, Coilla Drake Chair of Orkney Labour and MP for Orkney and Shetland Alistair Carmichael. The speeches are included in the video below.

The demonstration lasted just over a half hour and was one of a great many to take place all around the UK today.

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Reported on by Helen Armet.

Photos by Helen Armet and Nick Morrison.

Video by Kenny Armet


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