Chris and Jet

By Nick Morrison

Vets Sept 19 2

We had a near record turnout at this Saturday’s Veterans Breakfast.

Vets Sept 19 1

Louise said it was to be free Filled rolls of the bacon,egg, sausage, black pudding type kept coming along with numerous tea pots.

Vets Sept 19 6

Simon thanking Louise

The donations tin which had been in was found to contain £470-odd. £220 was donated straight to SSAFA (receipt received) the rest went to Chris as running expenses.

Vets Sept 19 3

The afternoon was a coffee afternoon with magnificent tray bakes and a delightful quiche (Which Jet and I thoroughly appreciated)  by members of the Breakfast club Given the size of these they had to be Industrial grade trays.

Vets Sept 19 4

Another tin was opened up and found to contain £141-89 and 1euro cent!

Vets Sept 19 5

Chris still has some of Orkney’s islands to walk before he heads to Shetland.

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