Recalling Memories of Maitland Place Finstown

By Nick Morrison

Finstown high tide and flooding Nick M

I showed my pics of Maitland pier almost completely submerged during Storm Brendan  to a friend , that unlocked some pages of Finstown history.

The first page was how their great grandfather rowed his North Ronaldsay Yole to Maitland’s pier in search of work as none was available at that time in North Ronaldsay . In this he was successful .

Maitland place used to be the hub of Finstown. There was a smithy and a bakery (Baikies) there. People would gather there after a dance at the Village Hall for the hot pies fresh from the bakery .

There was a stepladder made entirely from horseshoes from the sea to the top of the pier. The pier was well used at that time, oysters were landed there as well as building and other materials that came up by boat from Kirkwall .

It was also the favourite swimming place for the youngsters at that time due to the lack of weed in that vicinity .

Finstown high tide and flooding Nick M

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