Contribute Your Ideas For The Future of The Hall of Clestrain

By Mark Newton of the John Rae Society

We at John Rae Society received this email from Bernie Bell, a long time supporter:

Picture it……………..

Hall of Clestrain small building B Bell

You walk in through the door – turn right, to an exhibition space and shop.  Turn left – to a café, with a huge window at the end, with views to Hoy and the seaways which tempted John Rae to roam.

That’s my vision for this little building – what would yours be?

Please come along to Orphir Community Centre on Saturday 14th March – 11:30am – 5:00pm – to find out more and share your ideas about possible further developments for the Hall of Clestrain, Orphir. More details on the website at

This event is FREE!!!

Clestrain Hall looking towards Hoy

Clestrain Hall looking towards Hoy Photo Martin Laird

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