Is it a conspiracy ?

I quite like a juicy conspiracy theory, but as entertainment not as a life strategy 

Randomly gathered half facts juxtaposed for impact to conflate into a theory appeals  to a comforting prejudice or predilection. Conspiracy theories are the comfort food of rationale,  appealing, but not necessarily good for you. 

They usually end with the words “ and if you think of it that way,  then it is obvious.” They miss the point that if you do think that way then you possibly should not be outside without  supervision but hey, why spoil the party? 

So when logic does kick in ( thankfully not that often) I usually dismiss them. As I have done with one that is popping up right now. Several of my friends have passed this on to me. Possibly because I may be their definition of “ old.” 

It can be summarised thus :

“Old folks need to be aware. Governments  across the world have a problem with  finances related a growing  elderly population. The way governments are dealing with Coronavirus, doesn’t it make you think that there is a global plot to  manage away the problem of the elderly? Look at the mortality statistics for elderly and  those with underlying problems . Why are they acting this way ? When you think of it that way, it is obvious. “

No not really . I do the authors of this some disservice as they go on. And on, and on for some very considerable time, but on reflection, no not really . 

I see it like this .

I don’t doubt that political parties have “ thinkers” who are capable of creating a dystopian cataclysm that could embrace this theory, but the evidence just isn’t there that they are . Why ?

First of all if you look at the ruling cadre in this country,  in the same way that turkeys should not vote for Christmas killing off those who ( significantly) put you in power isn’t really good politics. 

Secondly  look at the same cadre. If you are disinclined to it,  suspend if you will disbelief in the notion and accept that  their hope was to sit back and enjoy the Brexit financial premium collectively with us  and arguably individually. So is destroying capitalism as we know it in order to manage the elderly  that good a game plan?

Finally from personal experience having worked with many governments across the world the notion that they could actually co-ordinate to do this when they struggle ( metaphorically ) to put their socks on in the morning, is so laughable that it hurts. 

So I am left concluding that while we may look back with perfect hindsight and suggest that some things could have been done differently, we are in a space where a display of common human decency is a political imperative . There will always be statements that go awry, poorly thought out communications that feed the conspiracy theory and people who approach this from the position of political advantage rather than community best interest. But over all? No I just don’t get it.

But I did see Elvis just before the lockdown and I know ET lives in Area 51. 

The Magician

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  1. Some years ago, a friend suggested that I watch a film called ‘Zeitgeist’. He thought it might interest me, and it did.
    As you say – entertaining – maybe not to be taken without a tub o’ salt.
    Interesting though – and it meant that we had some good discussions around the ideas in the film.
    I had to watch it in sections of about half an hour, as that was all I could cope with!
    Worth looking at though – anthropologically, if for no other reason.

  2. Thanks for the comment Bernie, hi by the way !

    I think if you want to fill in the days you can still get Zeitgeist on You Tube. Fascinating, I think it was one of the Irish Newspaper who said of it something along the lines of ” there is enough wrong with the world without making this stuff up!”

    I reference the particular conspiracy in my post because it is live and doing the rounds, what folks sometimes forget is that these folks need to sell books.


    • And Hi Steve. Here’s a bit of the discussion I had with friend Steev, about the film….

      “I’ve just watched from 50 minutes to 1 hour and 12 minutes. Here goes….

      1) Myths – beware of myths – look at them very hard. Trouble is, eventually they become accepted as ‘what is so’. Always be wary of a person or organization which tells you what they want you to hear, rather than ‘what is so’ – or, as near to ‘what is so’ as possible. This applies as much to daily life, as to big world issues. There’s a lot of it about. BUT also beware of the myths, about the myths. They can be as mis-leading and dangerous as the myths themselves. Looking for the real and the true, in all areas of life, is what matters. A very difficult job, but very, very necessary. Myths – very worrying things.”

      It was The Irish Times that commented….. “there are more than enough factual injustices in this world to be going around without having to invent fictional ones”.

      Amen to that.

      As to them needing to sell books? Well, it’s their Karma.

  3. Then there’s ‘The Illuminatus! Trilogy’ – I read them when I was about 18 years old, and thought they were a revelation. I was 18 years old.
    I suspect that Mr. Dan Brown read them, too.

  4. Ha! I like the idea that Dan Brown read them! This is news to me I’ll look them up . Thanks Steve

    • If you do have a look at them, you’ll encounter Discordianism – hmmmmmm – sounds familiar.

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