No Change to Restrictions in Movement #Covid19 #Coronavirus

It has been stressed again that members of the public who are not key workers should stay at home and only go out  for essential purposes. These would be for buying food supplies and collecting medicines. There has been misinformation flying about on social media that there has been a relaxation of these measures in Orkney – THIS IS TOTALLY FALSE. The restrictions in Orkney HAVE NOT CHANGED.

Getting outside for daily exercise is important –  cycling or walking near your home. People should not be driving to beaches or parks in order to walk their dog. There are plenty of places near your home in Orkney where it is pleasant to walk.

Concerns have also been raised about people who may be struggling to access food. There is a free helpline which will direct the caller to a local centre.


In her daily statement, the First Minster of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, said:

“Please stay at home, unless you are going out for essential purposes – such as exercising once a day, or buying food or medicines.

“If you do go out, do not meet up with people from other households, and stay two metres apart from other people. And wash your hands thoroughly and regularly.

“These restrictions, as I’ve said, remain really tough, and they get tougher as the days and the weeks go by. But they are essential, and most importantly of all they are making a difference.

“By doing the right thing, and by staying at home, all of us are helping to make that difference – we are doing our bit to slow the spread of the virus, to protect the NHS, and to save lives. So thank you, once again, to everyone for doing that.”

It is important when people are out that they continue to observe social distancing.

The restrictions are  incredibly hard for everyone but Covid-19 is highly infectious. It is a deadly virus and for many people who survive it there are long lasting serious health implications.


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