Orkney Responds to #BlackLivesMatter

As part of the international Black Lives Matter campaign several people in Orkney took part in an online collective message of solidarity with the protesters demanding justice for George Floyd. #BlackLivesMatter Orkney Event

Orkney Resists 3

Organised by Orkney Resists, Orcadians took photographs of themselves with messages of support.

Orkney Resists 1

Explaining why he was taking part Shaun said:

“I feel it’s not for me to speak at this time beyond saying I think this is a crisis that desperately calls for greater awareness and action, even if that action is only listening, and learning.”

Orkney Resists 6

Anna said:

“If people want to understand the broader issues surrounding this horrific incident and others like it, I recommend watching the documentary 13th by Ava Du’Vernay, or look up some anti-racist resources online. There are plenty of reading lists and podcasts, etc.”

Kelly commented:

“We care about the lives of people of colour. We are infuriated by the systematic racism that still exists today. We are tired of black people being killed, most often in brutal ways, by the police.

“This does not only happen in the US but here in the UK, and we know of many racist cases here in Orkney. The seemingly ‘small’ racist actions, such as jokes, blackface and mocking, whether intentional or not, DOES contribute to the violence we see not only around the world but in the UK and Orkney too.

“Even though we got some controversial feedback as we went walking around town, we are still going to stand up to this and it makes us stronger and more resilient.”

You can see many more images by visiting the Orkney Resists Facebook page.

And here is a trailer for 13th by Ava Du’Vernay 

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