Still Re-Cycling……

By Bernie Bell

The Coronavirus is….happening.  America is going up in flames in a Bonfire of the Vanities  – based on the vanity of the President.

And we, the  ’ordinary’ people, as always, try to get on with our lives.  Extinction Rebellion has been over-shadowed a bit – though there was a peaceful gathering in London, it wasn’t reported on much.

You don’t get so much Media coverage, if you’re peaceful.

We still need to pay attention to what is happening to the natural world, to our planet – the basic – planet.

Plastic still isn’t going away – there’s an awful lot of single use plastic involved in PPE – through necessity – but, it is plastic, and it’s there, along with the rest of the plastic being churned out and thrown away.

Coronavirus: Discarded disposable gloves on the street in Nottingham by photographer Dan Giannopoulos @DGianPhoto. ‘Artefacts of the paranoia and panic that people are feeling under the immense pressure of this invisible killer’. @CHATArch …

Photographer Dan Giannopoulos on the discarded disposable gloves he has been finding on his daily walk.

And so, we need to make single use into, at least, double use whenever we can.  This….

recycling plastic credit Bell

…..contained cupcakes. I ate them!  And now it will become a neat little propagator….

recycling plastic credit Bell

….on the shelves in the garage window, for  – courgettes?  parsnips? The things we have a bit of trouble ‘getting going’ without a greenhouse.  Perfick –  and…I enjoyed the cupcakes!!!

Or, maybe looking at it in a different light – an image for the Pier Arts Centre Christmas Exhibition?  Another ‘use’ for an ordinary plastic container.

recycling plastic credit Bell


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