Not All Masks Are Created Equal

By Nick Morrison

There is a type of mask being actively marketed now which frankly shouldn’t be on the market.

I have had 4 adverts for them today so far on the net which are basically “not fit for purpose”.These are masks with a so called breather valve in them.

face mask with valve Nick Morrison

These valved masks do very little to protect others.

Mostly manufactured in China where they do a good job combating their smog particles.

However here in Scotland we are wearing masks for 2 reasons: firstly to protect ourselves from airborne Covid 19 particles, and secondly to protect others if we happen to have the virus and are thus emitting the aforesaid particles probably unwittingly.

face masks Nick Morrison

These industrial dust masks also do a good job of protecting you and others fro Covid particles.

It is this “protecting others” where these valved masks fail miserably since your exhaled air is not subject to any significant filtration. 60 to 80% of virus carriers do not know they have it !!

I am reporting these adverts to Facebook as misleading it would be helpful if others would do likewise.

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  1. My one-wear masks tore down the perforations that hold the ear-pieces on – like a postage stamp. My head is obviously too big!

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