Orkney Renewable Energy Forum 2020 AGM

Nick MorrisonBy Nick Morrison

OREF’s online AGM took place on Tuesday evening, 4th August,  with some 32 attendees.

OREF are intending to replace their monthly meetings with this format for the intermediate future. Further they are planning to hold the unfortunately Covid cancelled “Sustainable Orkney” Conference in similar vein at some time in the future.

Neil Kermode highlighted OREF’s success in getting 3rd place in the EU competition for innovative Islands. This 3rd place prize is worth 100,000 Euro! Link:  Orkney Wins €100k EU Responsible Island Prize

The board members were voted in “en block” with the exception of Jim Chalmers the treasurer who is standing down. Both Neil Kermode and Gareth Davies paid tribute and thanks for Jim’s work. Jim in his report on finances said he was happy to leave his successor with the finances in a healthy state.  He then praised the work of Frances Flett for her efficient help.

OREF AGM 2019 2The meeting in its new online mode ran pretty smoothly with minimal equipment glitches.


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