Orkney International Science Festival Goes Virtual!

By Bernie Bell

Just a timely reminder, folks, that the OISF takes place between the 3rd and the 9th of September this year – and it’s all on-line and free-to-view!

There’s going to be…..

History and archaeology and marine mammals and stories in stone and other kinds of stories, too, and foraging and Energy with a capital E and sheep and big science stuff and ships and fish ( yes, that’s ships and fish, not fish and chips!)  and virtual workshops and otters and puffins and Genes with a ‘g’ not a ‘j’ …and…and…and….

Have a look for yourself!  Never mind food for thought – it’s a virtual feast for thought!


link to the open day https://oisf.org/fest-events/2020-09-03/

And all safely on-line.

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