Inspirational Start to Orkney’s Foraging Festival

Orkney’s Foraging Festival for 2020 is being delivered entirely online thanks to the work of the Orkney International Science Festival who are hosting live talks via their YouTube channel.

The Road To The North’ on Saturday 29th of August, a talk by ice-hockey professional turned mountaineer and photographer, Tristan Harper, opened the series.

Tristan shared his photogaphs taken from various locations across the world of places he has visited. Stunning mountainous landscapes from Norway, Iceland, the Alps , Nepal and some desert scenes from the Sahara. There was also, of course, Scotland.

If the wonderful images weren’t enough to take your breath away, there was also Tristan’s commentary which was truly inspirational and a pleasure to listen to in these Covid darkened times.

Tristan told of the technical aspects of mountaineering and the ice climbing he also does. Scaling frozen waterfalls where the day starts at 4am and climbing will go on until midnight or 1 am.

He described the beauty of the mountains and where it ‘makes you feel so small.

Asked if he ever suffered from vertigo, Tristan answered that yes sometimes he does but ‘when you are doing something you love, you forget about everything else….constantly reminding yourself that you can do this.

Tristan’s love of the outdoors came across vividly to the viewers. How starting early on a climb you are ‘seeing the sunrise , the colours and textures of the landscape’, and that it ‘makes you realise how beautiful this planet is.

In describing the beauty of Scotland he admitted that his favourite place would be the Cairngorms where he lives.

‘For being such a small place’, he said Scotland ‘has so much to offer.’

You can find out more about the talks taking place online as part of the Orkney Foraging Festival which is being enabled by OISF by clicking on the link: Foraging Fortnight

Here is a link to The Road To The North

Reporter: Fiona Grahame

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