We Woke And The World Was Different

The current exhibition in The Northlight windows, Stromness is the work of Orkney artist Diana Leslie.

The exhibition is on now until 17th of October.

Speaking about the exhibition Diana Leslie said:

Suddenly the world was stranger. We were allowed one hour of exercise outside our houses. There is a floating anxiety and the vulnerable in our community are shut away for their own protection. We are in a state of emergency.

The pandemic has been difficult for everyone. For artists shows are cancelled and community education is a luxury served to the too vulnerable to come.

The show isn’t about this anxiety except that physically one views the show from the street or on a computer. But it is about me looking at my world now.

I thought there would be relief if all those cruise ships couldn’t come to Orkney. But the way the pandemic has bitten our social fabric; the emptiness of Stromness is more a worry than a liberty.

I worked from my shed. The flowers came and are leaving now. When I paint my townscape the town changes very slowly. A chimney disappears, a new build goes up. But the weather and light are in constant animation. But from my shed I am queen. I can move the orchid down into the frame, take the nasturtium – not only can I move it, it will move its self. That’s the thing with painting from life; everything is in constant motion and change and you have to love that and not get defeated by it. Art is full of life.

The work can be viewed in the windows of The Northlight Gallery and across the road.

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