Promoting Diversity in the Agribusiness Sector

An international survey has been launched to gauge the impact the pandemic Covid-19 has had on women in the food and agriculture sector.

The survey is by AgriBriefing’s Women in Food and Agriculture, which promotes gender diversity across the agribusiness supply chain.

AgriBriefing’s Group Events Director Elisabeth Mork-Eidem said:

“The mission of Women in Food and Agriculture is to make a measurable positive impact on gender diversity across the global food and agricultural industry.

“This annual survey in partnership with Alltech plays a crucial role in tracking how the industry is doing in driving diversity and inclusivity.”

The survey is open to women and men across the global food supply chain.

The survey can be accessed here: 2020 survey on gender equality, diversity and inclusion trends in the agri-food industry

Dr. Mark Lyons, president and CEO of Alltech, commented:

 “In order to achieve a Planet of PlentyTM, it is more important than ever for the agri-food industry to perform at its full potential.

“Human ingenuity is our Earth’s most valuable resource, and a diverse workforce is essential to building a more sustainable future. We are excited to once again partner with AgriBriefing in supporting a more equitable environment for women.”

North Ronaldsay Sheep, Photo By Farmer Jane Cooper

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