Stromness Stushie

By Nick Morrison

Wednesday morning saw the Police meeting the ferry in Stromness.

According to an eyewitness report a series of grey vans with GS on the side were not allowed out of the harbour , nor were the occupants allowed out of the vans.

Within 15 mins the vans were re-embarked on the Hamnavoe.

Reports were circulating on the dockside that the vans occupants were “unpleasant” to the crew.

Attempts to get more information from Northlink/Serco were abortive it looks like there is some sort of gagging order on Northlink staff talking to the press.

I was told to contact their “Communications Consultant” The mobile No I was given was switched off at 16.30 on a weekday!!!!!!

I will contact Tesco to see if they have a press release. 

Police Scotland issues the following statement:

Chief Inspector Matt Webb said:

“Officers were contacted with concerns regarding a large group of people arriving by ferry into Orkney. Following discussions with the organisations involved, they decided that the group should return to the mainland.”

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