Orkney Self Help Leaflet Published

A leaflet aimed at encouraging local people to pay special attention to their mental wellbeing this winter has been published.

The leaflet will appear as an insert in every The Orcadian newspaper on 17 December, as well as in local shops and GP surgeries.

It contains some simple self-care tips as well as contact details for local and national sources of help and support.

It’s been put together by Caring for People, a task force of local public sector and voluntary organisations charged with helping the Orkney community recover and build resilience in challenging times.

There are also many online helpful sources. Here is short video from SAMH

For young people the Aye Feel website is a source of information and advice : Aye Feel This website is not just about Covid related issues- but it deals very well with them too. This video is about Digital Wellbeing.

NHS Inform for mental wellbeing advice and support: Mental Wellbeing

Commenting on the printed leaflet, Chair of the group, and Interim Head of Health and Community Care for Orkney Health and Care, Lynda Bradford, said:

“In the run up to Christmas it became apparent that the festive season will be very different this year. For many folk this is not only disappointing after so many months of restrictions already, but upsetting – and for some it’s news that might compound feelings of anxiety and uncertainty.

“We felt compelled to both reassure people that it is normal to feel flat or anxious, and also to share some self-care tips that can help ease those feelings.

“Many of the local support services included in the leaflet are part of our Caring for People task force and have helped develop the leaflet – they are ready and keen to help anyone who feels they could do with added support right now. We’d urge people who are struggling to tap into that support – they are here to serve you and help you enjoy life to the fullest.”

Some of the wellbeing tips in the leaflet will also be highlighted on social media, on the Council’s OIC Updates Facebook page.

To request a copy of the leaflet in an alternative format, email OHACfeedback@orkney.gov.uk.

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