The Birds And The Bees

By Bernie Bell

I previously wrote of an exhibition which was planned to open at the end of February in the Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh…

Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions, this has had to be postponed – not cancelled – postponed! 

The gallery is still presenting events of interest associated with The Normal exhibition,which can be accessed on-line.

This talk is particularly pertinent, considering the plight of the bees in today’s world.

The Birds and the Bees Talk

Thursday 4 March, 5pm
Free, online

You are warmly invited to join artists James Webb and Tonya McMullan as they discuss their works for The Normal at Talbot Rice Gallery

As lockdown momentarily silenced the cities and stopped traffic, people started to notice nature in different ways. In this conversation with artists James Webb and Tonya McMullan, we explore how their works entangle with birds and bees respectively, thinking about what it means to be aware of, to communicate with, think through, negotiate and live alongside other species. As a prelude to The Normal exhibition, these participating artists’ works contribute to a discussion about the opportunities and challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Click here for more information and to book.
Access and login details will be provided after booking.

Image credit: M Bell

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