Plant Focus: Dandelion

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Many a gardener will wage a losing war against the dandelion. Its long tap root will usually snap off before the plant is totally extracted from the ground.

The dandelion is an extremely important plant for bees and other pollinators as it provides a source of nourishment when most other plants have not yet flowered.

Dandelion grows abundantly in many parks and gardens. This easily recognisable weed was once a cure-all of herbal medicine and is still popular in food and drink.

Dandelion – A Foraging Guide to Its Food, Medicine and Other Uses

And when the flower is done it continues being beautiful.

Image Credit Bell

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  1. Dandelions as a salad crop (see comment)…..


    A riddle from ‘Mary Poppins in the Park’ by P.L.Travers – the answer is one of The Lost Words by Jackie Morris & Robert MacFarlane…………..

    “Elegant the jungle beast
    That lives in field and fold,
    He’s like the sun when he is young
    And like the moon when old.
    He has no clock, and hears not chime
    And yet he always knows the time.”

    Yes, I likes Dandy-lions!

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