“We urgently need to see more support allocated to areas most in need” Liam McArthur MSP #Loneliness

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Orkney Constituency MSP Liam McArthur, LibDem, has commented on the excellent work being done by local organisations in Orkney to address the feelings of loneliness and isolation that many people experience.

The March 2020 lockdown and for those in the shielding category of people, loneliness had a profound effect. But also for all those workers on the front line who kept things going through the height of the pandemic, extreme exhaustion and being unable to see friends and family, the toll on mental health has been significant.

Liam McArthur said:

“Lockdown, social distancing and shielding from others altogether has undoubtedly increased the risk of loneliness in our communities over the last 15 months. Even as we begin to emerge from harsher restrictions it is important to recognise that for some who have lost confidence that this will be daunting prospect.”

“It is, therefore, important that we make sure that no one is left behind and recognise loneliness is an experience that can happen anywhere and for anyone.  

“Initiatives like Good Day Calls run by Age Scotland Orkney and the Orkney Men’s Shed are some of a host of local organisations who contribute enormously towards tackling loneliness and isolation. 

“We urgently need to see more support allocated to areas most in need, such as CAMH services in the islands, so that care and interventions can be scaled up to prevent situations where people who are struggling with mental health are being left isolated and vulnerable.”

Loneliness Awareness Week runs from 14 – 18 June.

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