‘An intriguing and eclectic selection’ at Orkney Men’s Shed

By Nick Morrison

Orkney Mens Shed meeting ,22nd of June.

This meeting was well different.Morgan asked us to bring along any artifacts and heirlooms especially if there was a bit of history with it.

As you see from the pics , an intriguing and eclectic selection was produced. One item we could only guess at and are asking our readers for help with its identification.

A kantele. This traditional Finnish stringed instrument was made by Ian from American walnut and maple.
Model of the Mercedes Formula 1 engine that dominated F1 for 7 years. The disc has all the wins on it. Its owner worked for the Mercedes team for 10 years.
A Bull roarer. Used by indigenous Australians for communicating over long distances. When whirled about the head on its cord it emits a loud roaring noise.

Mystery Object

Can any reader identify this object? It is marked with the name of Gould and Reeves of London.

Some truly beautiful wooden bowls made by one of our number.

Anyone know what these are? 50p piece shown for scale

These 2 “pins” are safety pins that prevent the ejection seat from firing when you are trying to extract the pilot after an accident. From a Buccaneer bomber.

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  1. Gould and Reeves were block cutters and engravers- who also provided joinery items, this mystery object could be – I’d have to see more of it- related to preparing paper for fine prints.
    A quick google provided an advertising leaflet for their services, and a woodblock in the V&A collection..

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