Provenance, Resilience,Sustenance: Scotland’s Food Security Campaign

A campaign is to be launched in Scotland over fears that our food security is under threat.

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From 16th to 23rd of August Food Sovereignty Week will run, hosted by the media company Independence Live.

Huge concerns have been raised in Scotland over the UK Government’s Australia Trade deal which will see our shops flooded with cheaper imported meat from Australia which has lower standards for its meat producing large farms.

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The Australia Deal is the first of many similar trade arrangements the UK Government is making now we have left the world’s largest Free Trade Market, The EU.

Jim Fairlie, SNP MSP for Perthshire South and Kinross-shire, who was himself a farmer and who supports the campaign said:

“The right to have access to good quality nutritious, affordable food is something I’m sure no one would disagree with. Covid and Brexit afford us an opportunity to reimagine a food system that takes into account issues around climate change and food security.

Food sovereignty week is a great initiative to raise awareness of the weaknesses in our food system, but also an opportunity to highlight the potential for improvements.”

A spokesperson for the campaign said:

“We are calling on the UK Government, The Scottish Government, and local authorities to do more to protect and strengthen Scotland’s food sovereignty.

“We are also calling on consumers, community groups and organisations to voice their concerns about the erosion of Scotland’s ability to control its food security. “

The campaigners are encouraging individuals and local groups to run events and campaigns during the Food Sovereignty Week to highlight the importance of Scotland’s globally recognised premium position as a responsible, sustainable quality provider of food.

For further information, please contact: Campaign Coordinator, William Thomson at

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  1. We all need to actively support this campaign as it is vital to Orkney’s survival as well as other parts of Scotland and the UK
    Over the next few weeks it would be good to share ideas about ways in which we could all support this campaign

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