“I have never, ever looked back” – David Mowat, Shapinsay

Described by THAW Orkney’s Manager, Robert Leslie, as a ‘timely film’, today 11th of October ,saw the first showing of a film interview of David Mowat of Shapinsay about how the organisation had been able to support and help him.

In the film, produced by Prancing Jack Productions, David Mowat talks of the ‘dark place’ he found himself in after the deaths of his parents and with mounting worries about managing to heat his home.

David was anxious about falling into debt and was having a “hard battle just to try to keep warm.” Feelings of loneliness and isolation were increasing. But David decided to do something about it and contacted THAW Orkney who were able to provide him with practical support like fuel vouchers and an iPad.

He said: “Thanks to THAW managing to keep me warm, I have never looked back.”

The film was shot by THAW’s Craig Nisbet, who is their Community Support Officer/Development and Support Officer, and we see David in his island home and his personal journey enabled by the collaborative support of several Orkney organisations.

The iPad allowed David at the ‘”touch of a button” a “chance to deal and meet with people he hadn’t met with for years.” Training in using the technology was provided by Voluntary Action Orkney

David said that he would now be “totally lost without it” because of the enormous benefit it has had specifically to his self esteem allowing him to better communicate with people.

“It really does not get sweeter or better than that.”

Eileen Frater of Prancing Jack Productions was at the premier showing of the film at THAW Orkney’s premises. The film had been made after shorter footage was used in the British Gas Energy Trust funded YouTube video which features people from across the UK struggling to meet their energy costs.

For telling his story in such an honest, open and engaging way, Eileen had brought with her an ‘Oscar’ which she presented to David.

David Mowat accepting his ‘Oscar’ from Eileen Frater of Prancing Jack Productions

Robert Leslie, Manager of THAW Orkney, said that the organisation will be even busier this winter. He said more resources were needed to deliver emergency aid to householders as energy prices climb steeply. It will be ” A tough winter for a lot of folk”, he commented.

David Mowat’s story, told so honestly, will be a familiar one to many, which makes it even more important that it is shared widely. Support is there for people struggling with energy costs and feelings of isolation.

You can watch David Mowat’s interview here:

At The Orkney News, we thank David Mowat, for telling his story and wish him well. After the showing of the film David said that he was “overwhelmed by the whole thing” but that he was “highly delighted to be part of it.”

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