Might As Well Live

By Bernie Bell

If a person struggles with dealing with life – troubled in mind and troubled by body – this time of year can present more of a struggle.  Less light.  Vile weather.

I remember feeling like this, this time last year – looking to see even less of people as I’m not outdoors as much.  Not going indoors where there might be unknown people, because of…….

But I just kept going, and then, sure enough, as it does, the light and warmth returned and life eased up a bit.

So I keep going – it’s the only thing to do – it just is. 

I’ll try not to let the dark wave flow over my mind. Try not to let the physical malfunction fill my horizon any more than it has to. And try to do it all with a sense of humour – less John Clare – more Dorothy Parker.

It helps. A lot.

Resumé By Dorothy Parker

   Razors pain you;

   Rivers are damp;

   Acids stain you;

   And drugs cause cramp.

   Guns aren’t lawful;

   Nooses give;

   Gas smells awful;

   You might as well live.

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