Orkney Mens Shed Big Move

By Nick Morrison

For several weeks now a small dedicated band of ”Sheders” led mostly by Donny and Allan, have been very busy palletising and shrink wrapping our tools and machinery in order to ease the move to our new Stromness home to be.

This is the old herring factory opposite the Stromness Academy.

We are to share the premises with Stromness Drama group and the Orkney Historic Boat Society.

So Sunday was move day with a handful of us at Maitland place in Finstown , however we were “mob handed” at the herring factory.

It took two trips with the lorry loaded and unloaded with a loadall forklift to move the bulk of our equipment. The bits and pieces we are left with we can move with trailers and pickup trucks/small vans.

OIC’s legal beagles have come up with a temporary lease that allows us to store our equipment at the factory until the lease is finalised. Thankyou “beagles” and indeed thankyou to all the OIC folk who are making this happen.

It is not known at this time when the lease will be finalised but we already have a list of projects for schools and brother/sister charities and are keen to get going.

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