Watery Thoughts

By Bernie Bell

Yesterday was a beautiful day.  Clear blue sky, sunshine, a sharp wind, but perfect for walking. We went for the Breck to Bu walk https://theorkneynews.scot/2021/09/09/breck-to-bu-and-back-again/, and this morning I’m thinking of my favourite parts of yesterday.

At the beginning of the walk, looking over the sea from the cliff top – a smooth stretch of water, still and shining.

Standing in the river which crosses the beach, looking back towards the Bu, with the sun on the rippling water over the stones – golden. Then turning, and the water spreading out, still rippling, twinkling.

Then, in the little woodland by the road on the way back to Breck, sitting at a bench, closing my eyes and listening to the bird song and the river song.

And I’m thinking about water, and how much it matters to us.  The people in the settlement at the Bu would have depended on the river for fresh water, and the sea of fishing and travel.  The world we live on is mostly water – a blue planet – and we, us humans, are mostly water too.  No wonder we connect so much with water, and that it has such a strong effect on us.

I’m thinking of the frogspawn which has now appeared in the pond – new life in the garden. 

Life in the water – we came from the water.

And I remembered writing this…

What’s happening in the world, in Britain and in Orkney at the present time all mean that I am struggling – struggling to keep my head above water. So, I’m going to try to hold onto those moments – standing in the river at the Bu, sitting in the woodland listening to bird and river song.

We are fortunate to live where we do, but cities usually have parks with ponds or lakes, or even rivers running through them, and there is more life in those rivers now than there used to be, thanks to efforts to clean and conserve.

This may seem like I’m stretching it a bit, but – even if you can’t get out – get a glass, fill it with water from the tap – look through it –  hold it to the light.  Or, get a bowl, fill it with water – look into the clear water – let your mind be still.

I do know how it feels to not be able to get out, and some very simple things can help to take your mind out of yourself and the situation you are in – and these days, the situation we are all in.

We need to regard the situation, and take action if and how we can, we also need to step away from it sometimes and take a breath.

Just some thoughts.

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