Sgathaich: Digimon Ghost Game

I last talked about Digimon Ghost Game during October as it had a Halloween episode. Since then, a second Halloween episode aired but more importantly the series came to a close so I can now give it a fair overview.

Digimon Ghost Game is the most recent series in the Digimon franchise which started with Virtual Pets and then expanded with an anime Digimon Adventure (which many people didn’t realize wasn’t the start of the franchise and thought it was just copying Pokémon). There have been sequels, remakes and series in their own separate continuity since. (Tamers the third series widely accepted as the best)

Digimon Ghost Game is its own separate continuity – separate from the other series but more importantly unlike those two the format of the show is far more episodic than serialized. Each episode Is much more its own tale, and the series as a whole is Horror themed.

The title Digimon Ghost Game

So, to sum it up, Digimon Ghost Game is a Horror themed series, using Digimon as a sort of Urban Ghost story style events in a mostly episodic format. And it works.

The show is set in the not-too-distant future where Hologram technology is new but being widely used. However sometimes weird stuff happens and these are referred to as Hologram Ghosts. Our lead is Hiro Amanokawa whose dad has vanished in a strange personal experiment, only to receive a message from him sent by BlackTailmon and his digivise handed to him as well as Gammamon the adorable Digimon that his father has told him is his new little brother.

They are soon joined by Ruli Tsukiyono a girl about Hiro’s age who is really interested in supernatural stuff, and gets the Digimon Angaromon a friendly and wise big fluffy rabbit like Digimon. The last of the trio is child genius and coward Kiyoshirō Higashimitarai  who gets paired and tormented by his partner Jellymon who is also in love with him (she is also the cause of and solution to a lot of problems)

Gammamons unique feature is that he has multiple different Champion level digivolutions which does help make up for the fact there are only 3 characters who get Digimon partners in the series, and I’ve named them all. That’s not to say there aren’t recurring characters. Ruri’s two friends and Hiro’s dorm mate are recurring characters. While the human cast is small there are however a good number of recurring Digimon characters that show up quite frequently, such as Mummymon who unlike his 02 appearance is a good guy, working as a doctor.

There is a recuring main story threat but its spread over a long number of episodes and is focused on the 4th champion form Gammomon has, the dark GulusGammamon. (Every appearance of him is very intense)

When I say this show is horror themed I mean it, as well as each teaser being narrated as if the opening of a horror story many episodes can get very dark. This also allows many Digimon who maybe only had a cameo before from showing how terrifying their abilities can be even without ones that can wipe the planet out. This can mean some maybe go to dark, the one about Necomata being one I can advise maybe skipping.

Rating: 🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚

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