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At the height – or depth – of Trumpian America, folk would say: “ach, but at least we’re no’ America!

But today America had the decency and the cojones to indict a disgraced former leader. Yet, on the same day, Boris Johnson got to reward the very people who helped him to continually fail upwards whilst at the same time making them unelected legislators over all our lives. Forever.

Such are the dividends of remaining in this precious union.

In no sane universe is this the best possible outcome for Scotland. Not that I’m holding my breath, but it falls upon our leaders in Holyrood to get us out of this bouroch immediately, and deliver us the powers to determine a normal, self-determining, prosperous future that has nothing to do with this calamity and everything to do with embracing Scotland’s vast potential for the benefit of all. Although, actually, we can’t leave it up to politicians. It’s ultimately up to us.

Either independence is a good idea or it isn’t.

And it is.

So let’s take some ownership and stop expecting to be led by political parties whose message is always: jam tomorrow.

Well, bugger that. Unless there’s a genuine campaign now then there might be a SNP/Lab coalition in 2026 which means will mean “wheeshst for Indy” until 2031 or even later. At which point I’ll be personally into the “will I ever see an independent Scotland in my lifetime” category. And I’ve already kent too many folk who wilnae. Folk who kept the flame alive much longer than relative arrivistes like me. Those of us lucky enough to still be here feel a responsibility to carry the torch.

I’m so scunnered. Not by Westminster, who for all their duplicitousness never – or at least post-Brexit – pretended to be supportive of the devolution project.

No. I’m scunnered with us.

Where’s our outrage at tbe rolling back of the Scotland Act? Why must we always apologise for what we are and aye see ourselves through the prism of a party we haven’t voted for since 1955 and a political worldview obsessed with small boats that is diametrically opposed to our own? Seriously, must we always boast then cower? Is this it? As good as it gets? Really?

What are we waiting for?

Another Scotland is possible and there is nothing whatsoever to stop it becoming a reality. We can choose a better future. All we have to do is to choose to make it so.

Let’s get this done. Because it’s later than you think.

head and shoulders of Alec Ross

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  1. You mean you’re finally realised that you’ve been taken for a mug by the SNP leadership all along ?

    • Not we who support the only party who can achieve independence who are mugs, min. We leave that to those like you

      • I assume you haven’t been following events over the past 8 years; false promises, threats and empty bluster from the rulers at Holyrood while the country slip backwards in every aspect at the same time wasting public money on an epic scale.
        You can only weep!

  2. Try organising the kind of mass popular action you seem to be suggesting, Alec. But before you do, look at the first comments above and note the kind of dumb tribalism that you are up against. Note how Jacqueline Tosh and Tom Sharp are both right, and both wrong. Despite this, the tone of their comments leaves little doubt that the chances of them coming together for a common purpose are slim at best.

    The French historian, Alexis de Tocqueville wrote in ‘Democracy in America’,

    “In democratic countries, knowledge of how to combine is the mother of all other forms of knowledge; on its progress depends that of all the others.”

    We have lost the knowledge of how to combine. We, the people, are therefore weak. We are each and all of us sovereign. But only in combination can we give effect to our sovereignty. The Union’s purpose is to deny us the agency to which our sovereignty entitles us. Factionalism and partisan tribalism ensure that we are rendered incapable of challenging the oppressive force of the British state, or the pusillanimous failings of our own government.

    We re-learn the knowledge of how to combine and do so with all haste, or our Scotland is lost.

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