Poetry Corner: Scotland Forever: Christie Grahame

Part V: The Wallace

When Edward made his first demand

Tae muster Scots tae his command

An fecht the French, a friendly land,

They’d haud enough,

Toom Tabard even made a stand

Wallace 001

Scotland Forever

That wisnae bluff.


Through evil times o bluid an lust

The English troops, in vict’ry flushed,

Gr’und Scotland tae the very dust

An plundered sair,

The Scots though bowed were never crushed

Though strippit bare.


Each oor that passed brocht England shame

For chivalry, in Edward’s name,

Meant torture, murder, rape and maim

Owre fire an sword,

Unanswered till the Wallace came

Wallace 001

Scotland Forever

An vengeance roared.


For Wallace, michty man o steel,

Gerred castles faw an toonships reel

When, in the nicht, he’d silent steal

An danger daur,

Tae ger the murd’rin English feel

Guerilla war.


The nobles, whae haud stood aside,

Jumped in at last when Scottish tide

Swept clean the Scottish countryside

In fire an flame,

The English, nae place safe tae bide,

Wallace 2 001

Scotland Forever

Juist ran for hame.


When Parliament haud Wallace named

As Guardian o the Scots proclaimed

Wi Scotland prood an unashamed

The worst seemed past,

For Scotland, puir an sadly maimed,

Wis free at laast.


Came Stirling Brig where English host

Wi Cressingham an Surrey lost

As cleft in twae afore they’d crossed

Their bubble burst,

An Scotland wis nae langer bossed

Wallace 2 001

Scotland Forever

By Edward First.


But Falkirk wis a sad affray

Where Irish, an Welsh bowmen sway

The odds against the Scots that day

An hope grew dim.

For Scotland, Peace seemed far away

An life wis grim.


By Stewart o Menteith betrayed,

A charge o treason fawsely laid,

Then tae a gibbet newly made

Like common thief,

Where horrors there hae been portrayed

Wallace 3 001

Scotland Forever

Ayont belief.


But Wallace;crooned wi wreath o thorn,

Entrails an he’rt frae stammik torn,

His heid an limbs frae body shorn

That we’d be free;

The Greatest Scot wis ever born

Shall never dee.

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Scotland Forever

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