Orkney Men’s Shed

Mens Shed 5

Photo Nick Morrison

Orkney Mens shed held a well attended meeting in St Colms, about 30 + people not all of whom were men!

Orkney Mens Shed is part of the Scottish Mens Shed Association WWW.scottishmsa.org.uk.

It also has a Facebook page.

Details were given of our newly agreed acquisition of a real actual shed in Finstown along with photographs. This shed is said to be structurally sound and wind and waterproof, it certainly looked it from the pics. It will however require a fair amount of work to turn it into a comfortable workshop along with some H&S work. It is of a decent size.   There was some significant discussion over tea and biscuits  about  those improvements as well as one of our members being a painter and decorator we have at least 2 with construction industry experience plus few joiners. A partially constructed Router table was also on display from one of our members.

Sara Murray a Public Health Practitioner was also there, as she promised at the last meeting, to give any who wished it an “MOT”. She set up a Health Information table with some informative leaflets and booklets.


Interesting times a definite case of “watch this space”

Reporter: Nick Morrison

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