Orkney Blide Trust Awarded £218,213

Orkney Blide Trust 1Orkney Blide Trust is one of 22 organisations and projects to benefit from a £4million Scottish Growth Fund  to address poverty and social exclusion.

The Social Economy Growth Fund  supports “organisations with a proven track record of working successfully with individuals and families who experience disadvantage, poverty and social exclusion.” It is funded by the  Scottish Government and the European Social Fund.

Orkney Blide Trust is to receive £218,213.00 for their project “Economically Active Blide”.

The list of approved projects can be found here.

Frazer Campbell, Service Director for Orkney Blide Trust said:

‘We are really glad to have received the funding from the Scottish Government and European Social Funding under the Social Economy Growth Fund.

“This has allowed us to recruit 7 people into full time and part time employment with our Gardening and Catering enterprises. We are currently looking to fill the remaining post, so there will be at least 8 people moving into employment.

“The Blide has already changed the look of our café as we expect more customers and our Gardeners will be looking to expand their excellent work across Orkney.

“It is getting more and more difficult for Third sector organisations like the Blide to access funding and this gives us a way to fill gaps in that funding. More importantly, it gives opportunities for our members who have been through the Clubhouse service and are ready for employment something to aim for.

“Employment isn’t a cure all for mental health problems and a great deal of support and encouragement is needed, but it can be important step for some people who are in recovery. Our Clubhouse service provides that initial stepping stone, in a safe environment, and these posts will consolidate what they have learned through the Clubhouse.’

Aileen Campbell, Communities Secretary in the Scottish Government said:

“The Social Economy Growth Fund enables organisations like Orkney Blide Trust to design and deliver community-led solutions to overcome poverty, disadvantage and inequalities – which is a key principle of our Fairer Scotland Action Plan.

“This is about regenerating and empowering communities so they can become more resilient and find the answers to tackling inequality for long term benefit.

“To help achieve this we are encouraging councils and third sector partners to develop local strategies that advance the social enterprise sector in every part of Scotland.”

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