In Plain Sight

“Any changes to existing food safety legislation would require new legislation”.

Alec RossGiven that they’ve a majority of eighty, this is far from reassuring.

This is not a guarantee. It’s quite the opposite of a guarantee. A trade deal with America requires precisely what the signatories of this letter pretend to rule out – a lowering of food and welfare standards. And given that an amendment to rule out a lowering of standards was voted down on May 13th, and given that the new UK Agriculture Bill is already in the Lords, it’s probably already too late. There’s petitions going around to stop this, but this has been happening – in plain sight – for four years. And now there’s a petition? I’ve been banging on about this for years. Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State, has stated publicly and clearly that without a lowering of standards they aren’t coming to the table.

Has nobody been paying attention? After being distracted by bread and circuses, we’ve belatedly woken up to the fact that the UK government doesn’t care what kind of s**t you have to eat as long they get a deal – any sort of deal – with the neo-fascist Trump.

One sixth of Americans get food poisoning every year. And it isn’t just chlorinated chicken and hormone treated beef. Ractopamine is an asthma drug which, when fed to pigs, causes growth spurts. Canada, EU, China & Russia have banned it for human consumption, as it’s too dangerous.

And don’t forget – every single Scottish Conservative MP – all of whom represent strong rural areas – voted to allow ractopamin pork into UK, shafting not only their core vote but also every single person in Scotland.

Luckily, Scotland has a way to get out of this. Which we must do immediately and by any means available, because it is now a matter of demonstrable actuality that membership of the United Kingdom is seriously bad for your health.

Keep safe everybody. I’ll meet you further on up the road.

Alec Ross

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  1. Like you, I’ve been banging on about American food for years. Apart from America where I’ve doubts about animal welfare, hormone treatments, or sprays on agricultural products I examine the country of origin and don’t buy. The power of the consumer except when tempted by low prices!!!r

    • “The power of the consumer except when tempted by low prices!!!”

      That’s the rub, Charlie.
      I remember having a…discussion…. with someone about organic food. She said that it was alright for me, but she “had a family to feed.” This family consisted of two children, both at school, and both parents working in reasonably well paid jobs.
      It’s ballicks – lazy, can’t be bothered to think about things – ballicks. Then throw in the ‘family to feed’ card.
      Yes, in many cases, far too many cases, folk do have families to feed, on low money – that doesn’t mean they should be expected to eat sub-standard food.

      • And….I point the finger at supermarkets, too. They drive the price cuts mania.
        Double GGGGRRR

      • Bernie, see Carmichael is moaning about American food in Shetland News today. I’ll be reminding him that he had his chance in 2014 but he chose to support Wastemonster.

    • Except that we’re not going to be allowed to know the country of origin now either. That labelling is being removed.

    • Expect the UK government will also remove food labeling showing us where our food has come from

    • Part of the problem is that the Americans have already stated they won’t allow labelling which shows country of origin or list of contents

    • The Americans have already demanded that labelling carries no country of origin or contents

  2. What I can’t understand is that Tories have many rural constituencies and not a toot from them! You would have thought they would have seen the Agriculture Bill as signalling the death knell for small farmers and the loss of the export market to the E.U. And thus the loss of their seat at the next election . Similarly ; farmers have been remarkably quiet also . What on earth is going on?

    • Lauchlan, I would strongly advise not to try to understand the ‘Tory’ mindset otherwise your head will hurt, you’ll find banging it off a brick wall far less painful

      • Agree with all your concerns! Are you Charle G who used to work in Merryland St? Ian & Fiona say Hello if you are!!

      • Hi Fiona/Iain, sorry not me I moved to Shetland 30 years ago from London with an 18 month stop in Greenock when my dad was ill, so not Charlie you knew but hello nevertheless and thanks for you comment.
        Stay well, stay safe.


      • Agree with all your concerns! Are you Charle G who used to work in Merryland St? Ian & Fiona say Hello if you are!!

  3. There’s less than a year to go to save our food and other standards but what can be done? Johnson’s Westminster majority is 80 – the Tories ride roughshod over Scots with no possibility of stopping them.

    An independence referendum won’t happen any time soon and next year’s Holyrood Election maybe postponed if the virus is still a serious problem, although I hope not. There’s little opportunity to make our voices heard and we’re ignored anyway.

    Our SNP MPs should leave Westminster permanently. We can’t just meekly accept what is coming to us.

  4. Hi @Alex Ross, I really like your work and wonder if you can write about the digital Scottish Covenant and sign up, then encourage others to sign.

    Let’s free Scotland, Brian

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