Masking Up

By Nick Morrison

This coming Friday sees the mandatory use of masks/face coverings in shops in Scotland, presumably also in other indoor locations where social distancing is difficult to achieve.

Masks/face covering has been mandatory in Germany for a couple of weeks now and several weeks in Portugal. Both of those countries have had a fraction of the deaths per head of population compared with the British Isles.

 I saw a few more in the shops this Saturday than I have previously noticed, presumably folk taking the Scottish Government’s warnings and advice to heart and at least practising.

Let  it be said from the start they are not fun or comfortable to wear and have tendency to fog up one’s glasses.

 So how to stop your glasses from steaming up whilst wearing a mask .

It does not have to be a mask, as in Germany a face covering will do.


Wear the glasses on the outside of the mask/ face covering as in the photos. If wearing a mask with a wee metal strip for the nose , make sure this gives a snug fit.


Wash the glasses in soap and water and air dry. This leaves a fine film of soap over the lens which severely inhibits misting up.


There are plenty of anti fog preparations on the market all of which will be more expensive than “B”

Wearing a mask makes you up to 60% less likely to inhale someone else’s exhaled Covid droplets. Equally important it helps to protect others if you have the virus and don’t know it between 60 to 80% of people who have the virus do not show any symptoms at all. (asymptomatic).

If making a mask at home a single layer of a discarded cotton “T” shirt is normally OK, 2 layers are better, but take longer to dry after washing. 3 layers however make it difficult to breath through.

Link: Why Wearing a Face Mask is Important

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  1. Hi Nick
    Whatever the mask-deniers might say – better safe than sorry.
    Thanks for the de-misting tips – v. helpful.

    Yesterday, we had an email from our friends in New Zealand –

    “We have been out of lockdown for a month now. For about 3 weeks we had no new Covid cases at all. However there have been new cases recently from people arriving from overseas but no community transmission. The new arrivals are quarantined for 14 days and tested twice so we feel quite safe now. ”

    They spent last weekend staying in a village in the NZ Alps, and climbing in the mountains.
    This is what can be achieved when a nation has strong, clear-headed leadership, and a population which is prepared to adhere to the guidelines as well as the rules.

    Just saying……

  2. What a pity that Nicola doesn’t have the advantage of Jacinda Ardern, of NZ who has an ocean surrounding her country, oh, and an independent government!!!

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