World Baking Day With Some of my Favourites.

Today 17th May is World Baking Day so with this in mind we are putting up some of our favourite video/recipe links.

Baking is a great pastime with the very important benefits of knowing exactly what goes into your recipes. There are no added preservatives/colours etc which enables you to make the choices appropriate to your own household. Talking of which, don’t forget to involve the wee ones. I loved baking with my girls and they both now regularly bake themselves, and it has to be said much more often than me these days.

Whether it’s a loaf of bread, fairy cakes, a sponge or meringues, baking is a great pastime with the feeling of great achievement afterwards…..oh and then; there’s the getting to eat it.

Don’t forget to let us know if you have any questions or any favourites that you’d like us to make.

Victoria Sponge

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  • Summer Fruits Pancakes

We have also included some useful hints which are supplied via Dr Oetker.

  • The right oven temperature can make or break your brownies, so make sure it’s fully preheated to the correct temperature before baking.
  • Room temperature ingredients mix better than cold ones! To whip up the best sponge, try and get your cold ingredients as close to room temperature as possible before combining.
  • If you’re making a tiered cake, a simple but effective way to even up your layers is to weigh your batter on a kitchen scale – this will ensure they’re nice and even.
  • Forget what you know about whipping air into the cake batter to make it light and fluffy, as that trick doesn’t work with vegan baking! To avoid a cake that’s too dense, try stirring the wet and dry ingredients until they are just combined.
  • When making meringues, room temperature eggs whip up better than cold ones and will give your meringue lots more volume.

Baking Tips 

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