Rabbits from a Hat

The Government really ought to make its living out of either designing camouflage or operating as stage magicians . 

Both have the same intent, deception. 

Ukraine is about to be invaded, unless it isn’t, possibly the Government would like  it to be. 

Certainly that was the impression I got from the staggeringly inept performance of Liz Truss on TV this morning. We shouldn’t be bothering ourselves about the Prime Minister’s  allegedly illegal birthday party when we could worry about Ukraine .” Look over there – bogey men .”

We should get our priorities right and worry about the actions of another regime that is behaving illegally, not ours. Nothing like a nice war to take your mind off what is happening at home and you can pose in a Challenger Tank doing an impression of Margaret Thatcher. Remember her? Oh yes in Scotland we do. 

Nothing happening here Gov, look over there, you will find rabbits. 

Trouble is they are running our of rabbits in their hats . 

We are now treated to another spectacle of the fish wriggling on the hook frantically trying  to get back in to calmer waters. A Police enquiry ! Brilliant, another few weeks we can hang on to power. 

Look over there they have got helmets. 

Staggering, and stunning that I find myself looking to David Davis of all people to say the right thing . 

But what are we missing? What has the art of deception caused us to not notice in the migraine of political nonsense that our Government can give you?  

The  Government claims that we are coming out of the COVID crisis  because of their leadership . The blood sweat and tears of those who; researched, vaccinated and saved our lives,  gets;  a nod some weasel words about our “ fantastic NHS”  and under  the value of  inflation financial recognition. 

It is their leadership . But what was their leadership ?

They led us by throwing money at the problem. Credit that they did but there is an art to throwing money, it is supposed to land in the right place . 

The right  place is not the pockets of the 1,000+ firms that successfully claimed bounce back loans that HMRC say form part of the £5.8 billion stolen or 7% of the COVID emergency response schemes. The National Audit Office has said the final figure of fraud for the bounce back scheme  alone could be £4.9 million or 11% of the schemes expenditure. That is astonishing. 

Since the VIP route PPE scheme is now recognised as unlawful, that wasn’t the right place either and I’m not sure a figure of that has either been worked out or is possible to calculate . 

Anyone can throw money at a problem that is not leadership, it is desperation . 

Lord Agnew has resigned from the Government over the fraud  issue . Who ? 

When he resigned even he said in effect “ I’m too  unknown to notice but I at least have the dignity to resign on a point of principle.”  Good on him . He referred to “ school boy errors “ a Treasury “ who appear to have no knowledge of or little interest in the consequences of fraud to our economy or our society .” 

He was a Treasury Minister , who runs the Treasury ? One of the two people who might take over as PM . The other is at the bellicose Foreign Secretary . 

How many hospitals might £5.8 billon build? It would pay for nearly  six  of the Type 26 frigates that the navy needs to protect the vanity project Aircraft carriers in a toothless navy that has be underinvested in for over a decade by the same party . 

This not leadership, this is deception and it is incompetence . 

portrait of pet rabbit
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

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