“there is no illegal way to arrive in a country to seek asylum.” : The UK/Rwanda Deal

It’s a “world first”, UK Home Secretary, Priti Patel boasts, “a migration and economic development partnership with the country of Rwanda and UK.”

A trade deal has been announced by the UK Tory Government where the product to be transported is people who have fled the horrors of conflict, war and oppression to seek help in a country they assume to be supportive of those living in terror.

According to Priti Patel the UK is incapable of supporting those seeking asylum and that the system “is collapsing under a combination of real humanitarian crises and evil people smugglers profiteering by exploiting the system for their own gain.”

The trade deal between the UK and Rwanda is enabled by the  Nationality and Borders Bill, which will soon become law when passed by the UK Parliament.

According to the UK Government this trade deal in people “fully complies with all international and national law” but then that statement is coming from a government whose Prime Minister has been found guilty of breaking the law on multiple occasions, partying as the rest of the country struggled with the Covid pandemic.

The claim by the UK Tory Government that paying the government of Rwanda £120million to transport people is legal, will be challenged by a host of NGOs and human rights lawyers, appalled at the deal.

Rwanda itself has a poor human rights record and only in January the same UK Government boasting about this deal was voicing concerns about deaths in custody, disappearances, torture and other abuses taking place in Rwanda.

UK Trade with Rwanda

We can now add in People to the next round of trade statistics with Rwanda.

After years of threats, intimidation, mysterious deaths, and high profile, politically motivated trials, few opposition parties remain active or make public comments on government policies.

Human Rights Watch: World Report 2020 Rwanda
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  1. Shameful – transporting people to Africa, reverse slave trade. Psychologically and humanely flawed thinking by the horror story that calls itself the Home Office.

  2. Sending unwanted people to Rwanda in a ‘deal’ to get them away from here and ‘not our problem’ – isn’t that using people as a product? Isn’t that illegal?

    Out of sight, out of mind. What the eye don’t see, the heart don’t grieve over. Unfortunately.

    What the hell is happening in Britain today?
    Why are we letting it happen?
    Why is that man still in Number 10?

    I just signed the petition “No to offshoring! Tell @pritipatel to stop plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda.” Maybe Orkney News readers would like to help by adding their names. You can read more and sign the petition here:

  3. Wasn’t there even a discussion last year (and also previously) when it was considered to withhold aid (from an already for other reasons reduced budget) to Rwanda because of human rights issues? A safe country to ‘outsource’ responsibilities to?
    I am also not convinced whether it is legal, if someone applies for asylum in one country, this country decides to grant this asylum elsewhere in another sovereign(?) country… but apparently souvereignty is for sale under certain circumstances.
    Priority in single young man… another tricky issue, doesn’t this constitute discrimination based on gender?
    I always thought that it could not get any worse when Theresa May was in the Home Office. How wrong I was, Patel is far far worse… and definitely the wrong person for the job. Perhaps we should send her and Boris to some nice offshore place?

    • I’m not making light of this – not by any means – but I am reminded of Mike’s Dad’s ‘Island’. Mike’s Dad was very ’old school’ – couldn’t stand ‘pop’ music etc. He had a fictitious island to which he sent the likes of Mick Jagger – or anyone else he thoroughly disapproved of.

      We now refer to sending people to The Island – people like – Boris, Patel et al, Trump, Putin, Bolsonaro, Jeremy Clarkson, Jimmy Carr etc. etc. etc. I think the island is getting crowded.

    • Deporting/off-shoring/ or resettling will not occur in Scotland regardless of gender.
      Know the story
      Never trust a Tory.

  4. It’s not legal and is against the 1951 Convention on Refugees and the HRA. This was raised again in the Nationality and Boarders Bill and they were told to remove because it was not compliant with International Law.

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