Orkney Protest Against Refugee Transportation to Rwanda

A vigil will be held this Saturday, 23rd of April at 11am at the Kirk Green, Kirkwall to protest against the UK Government’s plan to transport refugees to camps in Rwanda. Click on this link for the vigil Facebook event page

The organisers are hoping that Orcadians will turn out in force to make clear their opposition to this cruel, impractical and unsustainable policy. All local political parties have been invited to attend and a special welcome has been extended to all candidates in the forthcoming Council elections.

Chris Giles, one of the organisers said:

“Over 200 people turned out to support refugees from Ukraine recently and the offers to donate help, money and housing have been overwhelming.

“Now our Government plans to send refugees arriving on the south cost of the UK to Rwanda for “processing.” Rwanda is a country with a poor reputation for human rights and, indeed, the UK has given shelter to over 600 refugees from Rwanda during the last year. Similar proposals from the Danish and Israeli governments have resulted in disaster. Our Government has already squandered £120 million on a scheme widely thought to be illegal and planned against the advice of its own Home Office officials.

“Orkney is far from the south coast, but here is an opportunity to send a loud and clear local message to the Government that its plans are immoral, inhumane and unworkable.”

You can read more about the UK Government’s trade deal with Rwanda which includes the transportation of those fleeing, war, conflict and persecution here: “there is no illegal way to arrive in a country to seek asylum.” : The UK/Rwanda Deal

In February Orkney held a large protest in support of those fleeing the Russian invasion of Ukraine: Orkney Stands With #Ukraine , many appeals have been organised for Ukraine and the bells of St Magnus Cathedral joined with others across Europe. Ringing Out The Bells Across Europe For Peace In #Ukraine

Kindertransport monument at Liverpool Street Station. A project established by the Association of Jewish Refugees, it pays tribute to those Britons who aided the rescue of 10,000 Jewish children from the Nazi persecution which led onto the holocaust. (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Wjh31)

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