Poetry Corner: Scotland Forever: Christie Grahame

Part VI: King Robert the Bruce

Wi patri’tism oan ebbin tide

An lowly sunk the Scottish pride

Tae ger aw nations Scots deride

Came time tae mind,

The Wallace an the wey he died

An courage find.


Wallace 3 001

Scotland Forever

An Edward then, this brutal King

Whae’d duin this obscene, ghastly thing

Tae draw the Thistle’s jaggit sting

An force a truce,

F’und Scots demand for vengeance bring

King Robert Bruce.


A claimant tae the Scottish throne,

By stabbing Comyn tae the bone

In argument wi daggers drawn

Bruce 001

Scotland Forever

He’d cast the dice,

That landed wi him crooned at Scone

Nae yince but twice.


As syn’s as Robert’s reign’s begun

Though crooned a King he haud tae run

As Edward’s troops in battles won

Got in there first;

An clouds drew owre the Scottish sun

By England cursed.


But Bruce, wi Spider as the source

That gerred him persevere oan course

Aroond him gathered guidly force

Bruce 001

Scotland Forever

That,mair an mair,

Brocht Scotland tae his cause endorse

In union rare.


Then Bannockburn’s illustr’ous fame

Set licht tae sic a fiery flame

That burned tae aw the world proclaim

Let come whae durst,

For Scots whae focht in Freedom’s name

Pit Scotland first.


That day the gr’und  wis fertilised

As English, whae haud colonised

When life wis frae their bodies prised,

Lay where they fell;

An rotted as they atomised

In hellish smell.


The remnants fled wi Second Best,

For First at hame haud lain tae rest

His banes unbiled; like his request

Bruce 2 001

Scotland Forever

Baith left ahint,

His glaikit son doon tae his vest

Wi campaign skint.


Ah wish tae God,an often pray,

That them, whae noo opinions sway,

Wid heed tae Declaration pay

When, at Arbroath,

The nobles gathered there tae say

Bruce 2 001

Scotland Forever

This solemn Oath.


“By Ancestors that came frae Spain,

Gin but a hunner Scots remain,

Usurpers we shall ay disdain

An cast them doon,

Nane but a patriot shall reign

An wear the croon.”

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Scotland Forever

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