Orkney Men’s Shed: Brilliant Job Done for The Blue Door, Kirkwall

Orkney Mens ShedBy Nick Morrison

News From Orkney Men’s Shed

Thursday,31st May, saw the new shed finally moved to the Blue Door. The truck was courtesy of MACGREGOR Industrial Supplies ( Orkney Tool Hire).  Many thanks for that, much appreciated by all concerned. As an ex HGV driver at one time I was seriously impressed with skill of Jeff Miller the driver. I wouldn’t have liked to drive a 17 tonner into Maitland place in Finstown let alone the 8 wheeler Jeff was driving.

Blue Door 1 PeterThis shed has been a longish time coming, but when you consider that the Mens Shed is only open for 4 hrs a week, (extended now) its not actually taken that long. Many Men at the shed have had a wee hand in this. I think mine was mainly keeping out of the Shed builders way!

Peter has been the main man on this project, a quietly spoken self effacing gentleman. He is a  seriously highly skilled joiner, possibly the best I have ever seen.

Ably supported most weeks by Alan, Stuart and Tim plus a veritable host of “Shed” members.

I would also like to thank The drivers in Kirkwall for their patience and good humored forbearance when Joe and I directed them down Tankerness lane. on behalf of both Charities involved thank you.

There was quite  a small crowd at the Blue Door to see and welcome the “Shed” including Helen Armet filming for  The Orkney News and  Radio Orkney who interviewed Peter.

The Mens Shed can now get on with the business of putting its own house in order, held in abeyance. This includes setting up work stations and finally installing the log burning stove. We do seem to generate a large amount of off cuts and sawdust!

We are open now from 10.00 to 16.00 on Tuesdays. This around 90% DIY and 10% or so of Guys in for a cuppa and a natter. On Thursdays from 17.00 till 20.00.its reversed with about 90% of our Guys in for a natter and a cuppa and about 10% DIY.

Membership is free, the only requirements are “over 18 and still breathing

You can see more footage of the transporting of the Blue Door Shed on The Orkney News Facebook page.

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