Poetry Corner: Scotland Forever: Christie Grahame

Part VII: Turbulence

Though Scots, by war, haud noo preserved

That Independence lang deserved

They were indifferently served

Turbulence 001

Scotland Forever

By them in charge;

Hooever folk wid raither sterve

Than seek tae merge.


If ye wid seek when Scotland’s ills

Intil a modern settin spills

As Scotland’s cup o sadness fills

Wi treason’s crime,

An Scotsmen dae as England wills

This, then’s the time.


For Scotland’s next three hunner years

Wis savaged by disruptive peers

That only England’s monarchs cheers

Turbulence 001

Scotland Forever

Yet still survived,

Though soaked in bluid an drenched in tears

They aetimes thrived.


As Kirk an State divergent gap

Frae Libertys commitments sap

An nobles selfish aims owrelap

Oan Scottish scene,

The English Virgin’s ploys entrap

The Scottish Queen.


Within the country noo accursed

Wi savage’ry the bigots nursed

An pushed as far an long’s they durst,

Mair troubles spring,

Turbulence 2 001

Scotland Forever

For James the Sixth wis noo the First

An England’s King.


Ye’d need a reservoir o ink

An Biro pens that widnae blink

Recordin aw corruuption’s stink

Each Stewart reign.

There were nae depths they couldnae sink

Tae get their ain.


For favourites an underlings

Whae tae each Stewart faction clings

Mun rise an faw as fortune dings

Their private weal,

Turbulence 2 001

Scotland Forever

Until the hale o Scotland rings

Wi clashin steel.


But history, of course, promotes

The seekly, fawse, romantic quotes

O Stewarts in heraldic coats

When, truth tae tell,

They lived a life o randy goats

In wanton swell.


Owre mony Scots like Braw Montrose,

That for their King an Country rose

An haud their life in vi’lence close,

Hae dee’ed in vain

Turbulence 3 001

Scotland Forever

For leadin men in Scotland chose

An Orange reign.


An sadly in this modern age

There’s Titles sport oan wordly stage

An in their selfish causes wage

Financial poo’er;

That sprang when Stewart’s loins engage

Ancestral hoor.

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Scotland Forever

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