Poetry Corner: Scotland Forever: Christie Grahame

Part VIII: Corruption

Retribution that comes tae aw

Whae hot an cauld can timely blaw,

Saw James the Seventh final faw

An William King,

Whae syn wid show in winter’s snaw

Turbulence 3 001

Scotland Forever

What that wid bring.


For when MacDonald Chief wis slow

Tae make his clan’s allegiance show

The Campbells struck the royal blow

An tae their shame,

Brocht genocide tae sad Glencoe

In William’s name.


There’s been nae need for them tae dee

Gin Fate haud smiled own Braw Dundee

When English an K.O.S.B.

Were soundly thrashed,

For they’d been Killicrankied free

corruption 001

Scotland Forever

An Union smashed.


For Union’s what this foreign King

Desired abune maist anything

An wid tae Independence bring

A deadly blow,

Wi Thistle’s warnin, jaggit sting

The first tae go.


For this timewise by far the worst

As, sellin what wis held in trust,

The votes were bocht an Peers imbursed

Wi English gowd;

For here were Scots pit England first

corruption 001

Scotland Forever

Wi heids unbowed.


Gin Act o Union wis endorsed

An English terms were then enforced

Tae see that Scotland wis divorced

Frae wordly scene;

It seemed s’if lan that God resourced

Haud never been.


An though the Scots were seldom blessed

In peacefu’ years withoot unrest,

An often rose when sair oppressed

Make nae mistake,

Charles Edward Stewart, an the rest

corruption 1 001

Scotland Forever

Were oan the make.


For Scots whae haud wi Wallace bled

Alang wi Scots that Bruce haud led

Haud noo in their descendants bred

Anither strain,

Whae’d gladly share an English bed

Than stan alane.


Divided by religious fear,

Stirred up by King an noble Peer,

Till Freedom seemed tae disappear

An colonised,

Tae sail the wey the English steer

corruption 1 001

Scotland Forever

An be despised.


For Scots whae scaled Quebec cliffs steep

That Britain could Great profits reap

Saw Heilan hames replaced wi sheep

Could stan an watch,

The Factors whae, as weemen weep,

Burned doon the thatch.


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Scotland Forever

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