What to Cook with Foraged Food

Wendy Barrie of the Scottish Food Guide, described the many foraged plants which can be used in cooking to make flavoursome meals.

Living in Aberdour, Fife, Wendy presented her recipes and tips for the LEADER funded Orkney Foraging Fortnight hosted by the Orkney International Science Festival via its YouTube channel. Covid19 restrictions have meant that the event has gone online but it also results in a tremendous opportunity to view these excellent videos far and wide.

Wendy Barrie is part of the Slow Food Movement and uses locally sourced food in her recipes as well as the ones she forages for.

North Ronaldsay Sheep Photo By Jane Cooper

First of all she took us on a short walk to the coast at Aberdour where she described a variety of plants and their uses:

  • the wild rose – for syrups and soups
  • wild marjoram – great with soup and tomato dishes
  • brambles
Rosa Rugosa – Flower and Fruit Credit: Bell

Wendy presented 3 fish dishes – all using locally sourced fish – 2 using herring and one with trout.

She also gave some tips if you are new or unsure when foraging, “if you don’t recognise it, don’t eat it” and to enjoy it at your own level.

There were also tips on preserving which means you can enjoy the harvested plants all year round.

Foraging Fish and Fife Coast Tales was another excellent presentation from the Orkney Foraging Fortnight which you can watch here.

Orkney’s Herring Fishing as depicted by Stromness Flower Club in 2017

Reporter: Fiona Grahame

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