Poetry Corner: Scotland Forever: Christie Grahame

Part IX: “The Nadir”

Oor imports come an exports go

Through English ports like Felixstowe,

While Scottish ports hae nocht tae show

But gairden sheds,

An where the cranes moved to an fro

The Nadir 001

Scotland Forever

Are floo’er beds.


Maist giant ships that sailed the seas

Were built oan Clyde an no oan Tees,

But brains an brawn an expertise

That laid the keel,

Were lost by politician’s grease

Tae soothwards steal.


This soothwards steal has been for years

Ahint the job that disappears

When Britain’s business racketeers

Take owre a plant,

An take it sooth tae English cheers

The Nadir 001

Scotland Forever

An British cant.


Oor jobs are lost, an what remain

Are mair for brawn an no for brains

As England an the U.S. drain

Inventive thocht,

While aw the Unions can sustain

Is less than nocht.


Oor Scots investment fundins shrink

An Justice seems tae nod an wink

At ethics that in bus’ness stink

As vultures craw,

While Scots financial hooses blink

An wede awa.


When English Gas wis drawn frae sea

They chairged the Scots a distance fee,

But what’s for you is no for me,

Wi Scottish therms,

The Nadir 2 001

Scotland Forever

Thus Scottish Gas mun British be

In English terms.


Oor Education, yince oor pride,

Available tae country wide

Is noo mair like the Coo’s backside

Wi tail oan tap,

While doon the flank the patties slide

Wi loads o crap.


As foreigners mair ile wells drill

An tankers frae the world fill

Wi riches till their coffers spill,

It’s sad tae say,

The Scots ay get mair puirer still

The Nadir 2 001

Scotland Forever

It’s ay the way.


Oor sojers that for years hae bled

In pentin Britain’s Empire red,

Are still by English firmly led

Tae danger spots,

Wherever Britain’s torn tae shred

That’s for the Scots.


The gr’und owre which ancestors focht

An generations fertile wrocht

The Nadir 3 001

Scotland Forever

Is noo by speculators bocht

In City steals,

While native Scot is left wi nocht

By shady deals.


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Scotland Forever

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