Poetry Corner: Scotland Forever: Christie Grahame

Part X: Awakenin

A hunner thousand diff’rent things

Syne Union, disenchantment brings;

An frae the roots a new growth springs

In vigour strang,

The Scots hae been the underlings

The Nadir 3 001

Scotland Forever

Far ower lang.


Hoo can this race, that God haud sent

Across a hostile continent

An tested in sic sair torment

Sae hummle bear,

Excesses o a government

That disnae care.


Weel, Anglo-Scottish Brit M.P.s

Afflicted sair wi Duck’s disease

Frae grov’lin oan their bended knees

Are warlike dross,

Whae’d never dae what micht displease


Scotland Forever

The Pairty boss.


An sadly oor S.T.U.C.

Hae seemed tae be tae some degree

As servile as their ain M.P.

Tae British rule,

An in that role can often be

Unwitting tool.


When men o wealth can Justice claim

An dinnae feel nae sense o shame

Evictin workers frae their hame

Then mun the Scot,

Take oan his shooders aw the blame

Awakenin 001

Scotland Forever

For servile lot.


For far owre lang the Scots hae bent

An touched whichever forelock meant

Position, job or favour lent

By them in poo’er,

An granted so’s they stey content

Like ony hoor.


Then Scots, if Scots there’s meant tae be,

Mun shake themsels awake an see

That life o sic a low degree

Is for the slave,

While Freedom jined tae Liberty

Awakenin 2 001

Scotland Forever

Is for the brave.


An there’s ay men, like John McLean,

Whae’d spurn corruptin, selfish gain

An ev’ry nerve an fibre strain

For Scotland’s guid,

Through illness wrocht in prison’s pain

As McLean did.


When Scots rebel an angry rise

The only wey tae Justice lies

In brekkin Anglo-Scottish ties

Tae stan alane,

An as the Scottish Standard flies

Awakenin 2 001

Scotland Forever

Be Free again.


Then, in this National re-birth,

The Scots wid be o equal worth

Wi aw the nations o the Earth

As God haud meant,

When frae the East He’d sent us furth

Wi that intent.

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Scotland Forever

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